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20 January 2009

Inauguration Day

Changes are coming – they are almost palatable. Everyone is feeling this, but some are more troubled as the change does not “fit into their skin” the way they have always known themselves to be.

Allow change to come forward – welcome it and embrace it. It may require changes in the way you have known yourself to be in the past. But, the “new” you is ready to take it on.

Not all change will run smoothly. Connect to your Divine light within and trust that you will adapt to the changes. Keep your heart open; your minds, too. Know you will have assistance along the way. Remember "We the People" also includes those in spirit. Feel good for “the powers to be” will be guided for the many changes will result in many more changes bringing all to a place of enlightenment – empowerment of the people.

Chaos may result from such changes, but see the chaos as the “shaking out” of all old energy – old patterns, old powers – who have controlled without heart for the masses – the people of your world. Do not get pulled into the negative that so many in power use to sensationalize – as a means to keep fear foremost in the minds of many - and to keep people in their grips.

Again, have faith; remain positive. Tune into your heart each day. Expand it – fill it with love and go along with the ride – the good feeling it gives you. And, shield yourself from the negative by surrounding yourself in God’s white light.

Old paradigms have changed. Accept it and know that they will be re-written and may have many revisions before they settle down. Trust.

Now, go in peace.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~

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