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24 December 2008

Sending Love Long Distance

As you think of people or events throughout your day, practice sending love and light - good energy - their way. It is a way to connect to each other and to spread the love and light of God to other souls. There are many reasons you may think of others. Sometimes it may be just like sending a hug or a smile. It could be you both thought of each other at that instant, and this is your way to connect through your hearts. Or, it could be a call for assistance – you may have sensed through your intuitions that they need love and light to “light” their hearts, or help with a distressing situation in their lives.

Pay attention to events around the world that may suddenly “pop” into your awareness. Just know you can send love, positive thoughts, or prayers to assist in many world events. Your love and energy is most needed. Does it not bring you great joy to know you can make a big difference and yet be half way around the world?

This “grid” that so many have talked about is how we are all connected to God and each other. These are examples of how this works.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~

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