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30 October 2008


As souls are awakening, layers and layers of the veil - the feeling of separation from God - are coming off. This allows for a clearer or a deeper understanding in the perception of how life or events are unfolding. With so many coming to their awakening, there will be times that you may feel out of sync in the way situations, events, and thoughts are viewed or interpreted. How is it best to discern, trust, or know if it is an ego or a spiritually derived interpretation?

First, take a deep breath. Take the message, thought, or idea, and run it through your heart. How does it feel? How does it make you feel? Pay attention to the vibration in your heart – does it contract or expand? Take another deep breath. Then run it through your heart again. Does it make you feel empowered or does it make you question the idea, thought or suggestion?

Do this every time you question or wonder. Ask, β€œIs this for me to believe and embrace as truth?” Practice this often. Over time, with practice, you will learn to do this quite naturally. It will become you. It will resonate within you.

Even spiritual people will have different views of situations or events. Do not think if you do not agree that you are less spiritual. Just trust that your instincts are telling you something different. Your truth resonates in a different way for you. Trust it. Learn to follow it. Learn to run everything through your heart for discernment in all areas of your life.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~

01 October 2008

Lessons For Change

Lessons are presented to learn from trials and will bring realization of those things needing change. Think of them as good things, good things to bring beauty and joy into your life. You can ask for gentler lessons, but the lesson still has to be learned, gone through, experienced, and acknowledged for the change to take place in old patterns, ways of thinking, judgments, and in making choices.

You will always be protected; nothing will be harder than you can bear. Think of the lesson as a cleansing, or as a healing. Do not forget to ask for help. We will hold your hand while you go through each lesson. Ask for clarity that the lesson is understood and learned.

Remember gratitude. Know God is watching out for you and protecting you. Give thanks to the universe for supporting you. Peace, joy, and love are always at hand - just ask. We will assist. Never doubt.

Know that people, places, and situations will be presented to you. What you make of them is your own choice. Go within your heart for Divine guidance. Know that it is there that you will find it.

Go in peace.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~