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09 September 2008

Love Without Limit

Focus your attention on your heart. Release all negative attachments and energy and allow love to flow freely. Feel your heart open like a lotus flower - pedal by pedal - it blossoms into a beautiful flower. Feel the expansion, feel the love vibration as each pedal unfolds.

Follow these steps before you pray. When you feel your heart full - as if it will burst - send your love around the world. Magnifying the feeling adds even more power. Have no purpose or directive. Allow God to determine where the love is needed.

Do this daily. Events are taking place where the timing of your assistance is needed. This will help your earth, your planet beyond your hopes and dreams. It will help in ways unknown - behind the scenes - your loving thoughts and emotions filled with peace and compassion.

You will do this in service as a lightworker, service to assist others. May the light be with you to touch other hearts - other minds.

My beloved, go in peace.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~