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21 June 2014

World Vision

Dear Ones,

You may be at the point in your spiritual paths where your world does not match the vision you hold for it. But, do just that – hold the vision for how you wish to see your world – a world of love in peace and harmony.

If each soul were to hold this thought, this vision, the transformation will occur at faster rate. Link your heart with others who hold this vision to create even more energy for this transformation.

Be steadfast and sure.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~

12 June 2014

Your Angelic Self

Greetings, Dear Ones,


Look around – many are here within the Angelic Realm who offer support to those who connect and call on us for assistance.


Each soul has an Angelic Aspect within them. The first spark from God, the Creator, is the essence of this Angelic Self. The human mind cannot fathom the implication of this truth. This Angelic Aspect exists in the higher dimensions or higher planes.  


The Higher Self is the human essence of the Angelic Self, but connected to the Earthly Realm. Going into the higher energies which exist in the spiritual realms acclimates the Higher Self to the Angelic Self. And, with practice, the human soul can make a connection between these two aspects.


~ Archangel Gabriel ~