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23 March 2014

Gates of Opportunity are Open

Greetings, Dear Ones:

Each soul, each life on Earth is going through change. Humans are aligning to truth as it resonates within their hearts and innermost desires.

This is a time to listen, to be still, to hear the voice of Divine Guidance. It may be a pull on the heart, a tap on the shoulder, or an essence – a whiff - of fragrance that will capture your attention. Consider these moments as the heart awakening to understand your next step, a course of action, or simply it will provide a moment of comfort.

Be at peace with what is presented in your life. The challenges are behind you. The path of least resistance is before you. Gates of opportunity are open.

Step with inner wisdom and love.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~

02 March 2014

Trust in Divine Guidance

It takes courage to look at each area in your life, in your home, in your relationships to bring the peace you so desire. Learn to face those challenges with an open heart. Be honest with yourself, and those involved. Take a deep breath, connect to your heart, and allow the Divine Essence within you to speak on your behalf. Trust your inner guidance will bring about the change most needed for your happiness.

Trust in Divine Guidance. 

~ Archangel Gabriel ~