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24 August 2013

"Dust Off" Your Spiritual Tools

Dear Ones,

Just know you are loved. You have the love and support of God; all the angels and guides are available to you.

You are given tools – spiritual tools - so make the most of them; utilize them. Some you need to “dust off” as you learned them and simply “stored them.” Take them off the shelf or out of your “tool box” and use them.

Ask, “How can this tool be used in my life?” Or, “Is there another application I can incorporate with this tool?” Be creative!

I challenge each of you to find new ways to utilize your spiritual tools. You each have the Creator energy to re-build and re-create to become the lightworkers of God’s plan.

Trust and know this to be true.

All are loved and blessed,

~ Archangel Gabriel ~

11 August 2013

Causes and Effects

Your world is experiencing many changes. What seems most chaotic is really the clearing out of the causes and effects of past karmic events. Those involved have volunteered at a soul level to participate to clear out or “cross out” to bring the balance needed to move forward. They are blessed.

There are other events that are grounding the energy and opening up the awareness and emergence of new hope, love, and a remembrance of the grandeur and expanse of what God, the Creator, has created for the Earthly experience. Those souls involved also volunteered at a soul level.

These things are being pointed out to you to understand there is much energetically happening within your world. Remain hopeful and open to what transpires within your own world. As you are motivated to participate in events, know that at some level your soul has responded to whatever “call” it was inspired to fulfill.

All souls are blessed. Each has the capacity to be fully aligned to the calling of their heart and the tools available to make the most of their world.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~