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30 March 2013

Make a Daily Connection

Within the bands of energy of the worldly places, there are discordant forms of matter. By connecting to Creator as your source of love and truth, set your intentions to always be connected to the higher energy to maintain the peace within your hearts and within your environments.

Know that by setting this intent, you will maintain a strong connection and will be protected from the distractions of this discordant energy. Be diligent in your intent to stay connected and your desire to live under Laws of Love and Truth.

Call on me and your angels to assist. Our strength is an ever present source when called upon.

My love to you,

~ Archangel Michael ~

24 March 2013

Hold Your Visions


Many have spoken of these times; when the new world – the new earth – has risen to the challenge of becoming a unity of consciousness and souls for the betterment of mankind.

From where we see, many hearts are ignited with the Cosmic Consciousness of living divinely in human form. What shows itself as areas of destruction, unrest, and much pain and drama are to be seen as the purging of old energy thoughts forms and ways of life to be revealed and released.

Hold your visions, dear ones, of a time ahead for much love and peace and community among all souls. Be diligent on maintaining the vision of this new earth. Think and create the scenarios you wish to see unfold. And, see them happen with little drama, minimal distress. Change doesn’t have to be destructive. Think of the Berlin Wall which came down what seemed so effortlessly. Peace can overcome and reign with love and joy.

Call on the heavenly realms – the unseen forces within spirit. With enough souls creating this reality, the spiritual forces of change will manifest. The unseen hand of Creator energy when called upon and desired by so many will simply manifest your new world order. Trust this to be true.

May the love and joy within you become a visible truth in your world. Go in peace.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~