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26 November 2012

Heart Over Mind


Your hearts are true; it is your mind where all the confusion may lie. Disengage the mind and step into your heart. Go with the feeling and the knowing from this space within you. This is your compass, your navigator from the simple mundane events, to the outside events on a much grandeur scale.

This space within you is your heart space. It has no time, no definitive measure, but is your reality from a point of love ignited within you. Go there. Be there. See all and be all from this point of reference.

You can connect to Higher Mind for the spiritual wisdom and truth. But, it is from your heart that you can disengage your patterned thinking. Your mind will be transformed with the quotient of love existing in your heart. Over time, you will notice that these restless thoughts are calmed, are no longer a distraction. Heart over mind will change matter.

Trust your power is within. The love of God is an ever present source within you. Feel blessed as you are divinely connected and true.

We are as One Voice,

Archangels Gabriel and Michael

06 November 2012

Pillars of Light

Those who carry the light of ascension will posses commanding energy which others will notice. This will be what grabs the attention and allows you to be the leaders you are and have been trained to be. It will be a pull of recognition and awareness setting you apart.


The magnetics of your aura will collectively pull others forward. You will be the examples of the new human form. Trust this will be an inherent energy you carry.


You may ask, “What will I be doing with much attention given to me?” Just watch – your authentic nature - the energy you carry will be the example all will want to know and take on as their own. You will become the pillars of light – some placed in darker places – to literally “shine the light” on the path for others to take.


Be strong. Use your intuitions with confidence. You are light teachers for many.


~ Archangel Michael ~

04 November 2012

November's Gateways

The month of November is heralding new changes. The energy of dear planet Earth will be felt subtly for most, but others well connected to light and energies may experience a more profound feeling.

Gateways are literally opening for those ready to move forward. You will notice when a gateway is opening as your senses will be quite clear. It will be a heightened feeling – static almost – stirring an almost surreal feeling deep inside - a déjà vu of sorts – when it all feels familiar, but at most intangible to place.

Movement through these gateways will feel as if a threshold opens, you become acutely aware, and you simply are drawn into an energy that will seem like a “breath of homecoming.” You will get a sense of wanting to linger within this sacred space.

It will not be just one instance, but a series of openings as gateways. You may feel utterly peaceful – most serenely. The excitement will come after as the recognition and acknowledgement will register into your awareness.

Be peaceful and heart connected to the Divine within you. There is much love and support among those in spirit. Call on us.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~