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27 July 2011

Let Peace Become You

My Dears,


My message today is one of peace – for your world and for all the chaos within each and every one.


Few realize the importance of changing the energy within to change the energy without. To become a master of your thoughts, intentions, and actions is truly helping to change the mindset of the consciousness of mankind on Earth.


Begin seeing the “higher perspective” of the circumstances or events in your lives by consciously making choices that come from love and acceptance. Go within. Find the love and balance inherent within you. From this place, you will find the peace that will permeate your lives and world.


Become that Divine light each and every day.


~ Archangel Gabriel ~

01 July 2011

Be Neutral on Outcomes

Dear Ones:


Love all the chaos seen around you. Make no judgments on how each soul is reacting. Know it is an internal struggle that each soul is expressing.


Send love and light without your personal take on the solution. The love and light you send will assist each soul in making their own personal choices. Bless this universal law – to send assistance without constraints on a preconceived outcome. More goodness will result – the right exchange is made to truly help out.


Be neutral on the outcomes. This is key – so practice this daily. It actually heals both the initiator – the one who sends the love and light energy, and the one who receives it. This is help in the truest form.


~ Archangel Gabriel ~